You’ll Want to Ditch Your Heels for These!

You’ll Want to Ditch Your Heels for These!

These trainers swept across NYC and LA right before my eyes! Golden Goose Superstars range from about $350 to $625. With so many styles to choose from, your #OOTD possibilities are endless! Feeling Lazy? Grab a cozy pair; maybe off-white with a suede or leather star. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been lazy enough and are craving some action! Grab a fully studded or fully sequined pair to dazzle your fans!

Shell Toe Adidas

Ivy Lee Copenhagen

These have become the official replacement for dress shoes of any kind. It’s totally written in the fashion book of un-spoken rules. These kicks are awesome when worn with plain loungewear, denim, or even formal attire. This trendy pair of Adidas cannot be stopped. They have stood the test of time, and after 50 years have managed to soar to the top and remain one of the most iconic silhouettes in both fashion and sneaker culture.

Vans SK8 HI


Chronicles of Her

These sneaks aren’t as classic as your Converse or Shell Toe but has become an eye catcher quite quickly. Vans Sk8 Hi made the list due to it’s ability to have a classic feel, yet still be applied to more unconventional looks. Feel free to be super edgy with these. I’m thinkin’ all black, jagged denim, your boyfriends peacoat and last nights eyeliner. And pretty affordable too–for just $69, You become the downtown girl everyone wants to know. 10 out of 10.

Mesh Nikes


Nike has always managed to stay in sync with trends, yet somehow the most stylish people in NYC have been going the ordinary route. When it comes to this sneaker, I wouldn’t worry too much about the shade. Every color pops in it’s own way. Black with a white check, neon orange, hot pink, cobalt or grey are all great options. As athleisure continues to be the norm, we will continue to love a comfy shoe that can still manage to be as cool as we are.



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