Amazon Launches Sustainable Everyday Essentials With Amazon Aware

Amazon Launches Sustainable Everyday Essentials With Amazon Aware

At this point, Amazon is the place you shop for anything and everything you might need. Some people get their groceries from Amazon. Some use it for fashion/ beauty necessities, and all of us use it to buy random things we didn’t know we needed. Which explains why there is a trend dedicated to showing random Amazon finds on TikTok, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

Obviously, the online store already has a built-in consumer base, but now they’ve created a sustainable line to attract an even wider range of shoppers. The Amazon Aware page is the new destination to buy all sustainable everyday items, like sheets, clothes, toiletries, and more.

Photo: Amazon Aware


According to the Aware website, they claim all the products on the Aware page are certified climate-friendly, carbon-neutral, and sustainable.

In the Q and A section of the website, Amazon writes that they created Amazon Aware because “Customers want to shop more consciously; we want to make that easier. Amazon Aware is a line of everyday essentials across apparel, home, beauty, and more – all with third-party certifications featured in our Climate Pledge Friendly program.”

Under the Climate Pledge certification, you can shop anything from recycled home essentials like tissues to organic materials and clothing.

Photo: Amazon Aware


Along with home goods and beauty products, a big part of this new page is the apparel section. On the page, you have access to activewear, denim, everyday basics, and more. According to Cosmo, the website even offers a huge range of sizes, from XXS to 7X and 0-40 in denim items. 

It’s great to shop sustainably, but the Aware page also allows you to shop sustainably while on a budget. The fashion section is accommodating to people who want to shop on the more inexpensive side. Almost all of the products available are reasonably affordable. You can buy items between $17- $50 or less.

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