Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture SS23

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture SS23

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture SS 23

Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week

Alexandre Vauthier

Maxi glamourous femininity

Alexandre Vauthier haute couture spring-summer 2023 show took place during Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. Continuing from last season, Alexandre Vauthier SS23 Collection features sequins, enough to be his signature style. Also, this collection involved creative cutouts as well as complex construction.

First, the opening look is an entirely black look consisting of a short faux fur hooded jacket and a flowing dress. It was obviously reminiscent of the golden eighties where he got inspired. To follow his inspiration, he used sequin, and black leather for the next outfits to underline the powerful aspect of women.

Alexandre Vauthier

However, he didn’t miss the femininity of the looks. The overall look was powerful and assertive. Yet, he added some gemstones embellishing the leather jacket and skirt. Therefore, it made a delicate feminine style while it nodded to powerful femininity.

Alexandre Vauthier

Next, hooded sequin jumpsuits, full-draped jumpsuits, and embellished velvet dresses rocked. Also, the collection included several dresses with giant mirror details, thigh-high sparkly boots, sequined bombers, off-shoulder dresses, and tulle dresses. All these accomplished maxi glamours look that he is known for. 

The combination of sequin and tulle established a glamourous extravaganza. Tulle mini dresses embodied a cloud shape while highlighting neon colors.

Alexandre Vauthier

Pop colors of touch 

Above all, the collection was a parade of pop colors. A series of plush faux fur came with acidulous hues such as bright orange, neon green, and hot pink. Not to mention fur outerwear, the pop color also appeared not only in tulle dresses but also in some ruffle details, and boots. Moreover, the vivid colors stood out among the dark outfits such as carbon black or khaki. The fun play of colors made a beautiful contrast, lifting the mood of the collection.

What’s more, the faux fur had several twists in the collection. The designer applied constructional silhouettes on fur jackets and coats. It appeared on a wide collar and a voluminous hood of the fur coats. Overall, the giant fit of the outwear seemed like covering the model’s body both warmly and softly. Also, the neon green fur evoked a green apple while some fur gave a huge blanket look.

Meanwhile, the collection featured cut-out dresses that revealed either the belly or waist. In particular, one of the remarkable pieces is the entire crystal top made of jewelry straps. All in all, the intentional cut-out exuded the utmost sophistication. Last, the couture collection was inspiring, leading to excitement for his next couture. 

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