Fanny Pack Slides are the Future

fanny pack slides

Fanny Pack Slides are the Future

Missing the 80’s fashion vibe of wearing a fanny pack. Hipsters and fashionista have brought back fanny packs over the years to complement their Throwback Thursday hashtags.

fanny pack slidesNike Bennasi JDI Fanny Pack Slides ($50)


A fanny pack revival that you don’t want to miss out on is Nike’s latest version of the Benassi JDI sandal. Taking two big summer trends and combining them into one—Nike has put fanny packs on pool slides. No more having to worry about how to carry your pack of gum to the pool when your bikini has no pockets. This innovative new sandal will allow you to stow away your goods in your shoes. Isn’t that futuristic?


The slides retail for $50 and are currently sold out on Nike’s website. Who knew the conventional genius of carrying a storage pouch on your feet would be.


Fanny Pack Nike Slides just dropped. Link in bio.

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The fanny pack slides come in three color combos, all black, hot pink and black, and turquoise and lime green. Beach dads be ready to rock the boardwalk with these functional flats.


Check out these slides here and share stories if you buy them and find them as a functional part of your wardrobe.

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