Mental Health/Self-Care Playlists Thrive on Spotify

Mental Health/Self-Care Playlists Thrive on Spotify

At times, media can be a black hole but music playlists and podcasts have clearly helped Spotify listeners get through some dark days. 

Streaming platform Spotify claimed that mental health playlists have doubled (57%) in plays this year. Also, motivational/self-acceptance podcasts have increased 122% in streams. 

“Content related to the terms ‘mindfulness’, ‘calm’, and ‘self-care’ has also been streamed 57 per cent more in 2020 than in 2019,” according to The Independent.

Since the start of coronavirus, people’s emotional well-being have declined. Turning to media services has been one of their only outlets especially since they had no choice but to be home all the time. 

In light of World Mental Health Day, Oct. 10th, it isn’t just another day to recognize mental health. 

People were put to the ultimate test this year by being cut out from society.

Practicing mindfulness and tranquility may have helped level them during a time of uncertainty. 


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