Ivana Trump dies of blunt force injuries

Ivana Trump dies of blunt force injuries

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Police were called to Ivana Trump’s home in the Upper East Side of New York City Thursday, July 14, after receiving calls reporting a person in cardiac arrest. Recent new developments surrounding Ivana Trump’s death have been released by New York authorities.

Trump was found by first responders on her stairs in her home alone. The New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) said she suffered traumatic injuries to her torso. The authorities ruled her fall an accident and did not find anything suspicious about the manner of her death.

Nikki Haskell, a long time friend of Trump, told Fox7 on their show “Good Day New York” through a phone interview that she was planning on going on a trip with Trump that next day to St. Tropez. They were going to meet other friends there as well. This trip would have been Trump’s first vacation getaway since the Coronavirus. 

She said Trump was struggling with a variety of things, including being alone. Haskell said Trump was so fearful of getting the virus that she became reclusive, which was unusual for her because she was “a true New Yorker at heart”. 

Trump’s longtime friend continued saying she was in good health, but “wasn’t at the top of her form.” Trump was still hurting over the death of her former husband, Rossano Rubicondi, late last year. Haskell said she was doing better but had not fully recovered from the heartbreak. Giuliano Zuliani, who owns Primola, an Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side, noticed Trump almost couldn’t walk when she went in there a couple weeks before her death. He commented that she did not eat her food, and had to take it home with her.

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Trump’s funeral service will be held Wednesday, July 20, at Manhattan’s St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church near her residence. A source told the New York Post that Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump are planning to attend their mother’s funeral, but the source is not sure if former President Donald Trump will be there. The source mentioned how close the former President was with his ex-wife and how hurt he is over her death. The source made it clear that if Trump attends the funeral he will do so without his wife, Melania. It is unclear if this is what Trump’s family wanted or if this is a decision made by the former president and his family.

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