MLB debuts YouTube show ‘Celebrity Sluggers’

MLB debuts YouTube show ‘Celebrity Sluggers’

Screenshot via Megan Biasiolli from MLB’s “Celebrity Sluggers” YouTube video

MLB has a new YouTube show called “Celebrity Sluggers” which debuted Thursday, July 21. The show is hosted by internet personality Hannah Stocking. In its first episode she spoke with actor Brandon Perea and talked to him about everything from his audition process for Jordan Peele’s horror film “Nope” to deep dish pizza. Perea played for charity and Stocking said in the video that a donation to Stand Up To Cancer, SU2C, will be made in his name.

In the show celebrity guests are pitched baseballs and questions by Stocking. Players get points for hits, homeruns, and hitting targets. The special guests will get 10 points if the ball is hit infield, 25 points if it is hit in the outfield, 250 points for a homerun, and can get more points by hitting in certain target zones on the field. The challenge is the ball is pitched faster each inning. 

In the first pitch of the game Perea got a hit that gave him 50 points, and later did a backflip to celebrate his first homerun. Perea collected 460 points at the end of the inning. After the first inning the host and guest walked over to Stocking’s desk to discuss his new movie “Nope”. He talked about his audition process and why he thought he wasn’t going to get the role. Perea said that Peele told him the character he portrayed in his audition did not fit the script he wrote, but Perea still got the job. 

“He rewrote the whole script, he just really kept me included to really help shape this character out so it’s a beautiful thing”, said Perea.

In the second inning Perea switched bats to fit the faster paced pitches and earned a homerun at his first swing of the inning. He ended the inning with 1,295 points. When Stocking sat Perea down for another round of questions she called “Chi-town showdown” she focused on his likes and his hidden talent. Perea said during this showdown that some of his favorite hot dog toppings are nacho cheese and crispy bacon bits. His hidden talent is that he does jam skating. Jam skating is breakdancing on roller skates which he said is what he grew up doing. As a Chicagoan, Perea made sure to let the audience know the truth about deep dish pizza after Stocking made a diss about the dish. 

“Deep dish pizza tastes great, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”, said Perea. 

In the third inning the pitching machine was turned up to the highest speed for the “El Fuego” round. Perea ended the game with 1,895 points. At the end of the video Stocking awarded him his first homerun ball of the game and a celebrity sluggers trophy. “Nope” will be available to watch in theaters starting Friday, July 22. In next week’s episode of “Celebrity Sluggers” JoJo Siwa will step up to the plate. 

You can watch the latest episode of Celebrity Sluggers here:

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