Top 5 interesting lifestyle bloggers on YouTube

Top 5 interesting lifestyle bloggers on YouTube

YouTube nowadays is a real window into the world. The platform began its work as a regular video hosting, but today it is one of the main social networks that video bloggers make significant. After more than 15 years of existence, hundreds of formats have appeared, including personal blogs about life, which have captured the hearts of a million audience of the platform. In such videos, makers talk about their lives, show everyday life and share useful tips.

Youtube has become a platform for reality channels, but unlike similar shows, people decide for themselves what they want to show and what is better left outside the frames. There have been a lot of bloggers who show their lives recently. But we have selected several accounts that are worth subscribing to if you are interested in the diverse lives of people – from exciting trips to the everyday life of a large family.

1. Vlogbrothers. John and Hank Green are often called the founding fathers. Many believe that they popularized the video blog format. The brothers have created a whole empire on the site, and many channels, including educational ones, work under their control. But despite the huge success in many formats, they did not leave their blog, which is in many ways similar to a personal video diary. The brothers release several clips a week on behalf of Hank and John. The authors maintain a kind of dialog, telling about what worries them, starting from the death of their beloved dog and ending with the latest world upheavals.

2. itsJudysLife. Family vlogs are a separate genre, and you can spend many hours watching such videos. The main people in this format are considered to be the Butler Mormon family, they blog about their everyday lives and show the whole world almost every day of their lives. Initially, their family consisted of two people, the couple began posting videos about their life together since October 2011, and continue to do this every day, despite illnesses, personal affairs and even childbirth. It is really interesting to observe the life and everyday life of the family, and this is confirmed by the number of subscribers on their channel. Almost 2 million people, and they literally feel like family members.

3. Taylor Bell. The girl started her career in blogging not so long ago (2 years ago), but already has a whole army of fans. The life of an American woman living in the center of New York is watched by more than 100 thousand viewers. And no, she didn’t buy real youtube subscribers. With the help of her charisma, interesting presentation of information and stylish blogs, she managed to achieve success in a short time. Taylor talks about almost every day she has lived and about important events that have happened to her recently. Together with her, the audience virtually walks around the city, moves to Italy and goes on cruises. There are many videos on the channel where the author answers the questions of followers and actively communicates with them, gives useful advice and sincerely talks about all the failures.

4. Sydney Serena. A young girl at the age of 22 can already boast an audience of 2 million people on YouTube. This is a big figure that the author has achieved thanks to hard work and a lot of videos shot on the channel. She is known for her eponymous channel and many call her a fashion and beauty guru, but in addition to useful makeup life hacks, Sydney shoots lifestyle blogs. Usually she posts vlogs from college, shows her classmates and tells funny stories from  studies.  But this is not the only thing that fans love the blogger for. She also openly and sincerely talks about the problems with nutrition and about all the difficulties that have been on her life path. Such videos get a great response from the audience and viewers share their stories in the comments.

5. MyLifeAsEva. Eva Gutowski is a popular American video maker, actress, singer and just  a talented person. Thanks to interesting blogs about life, online quizzes, charisma and exciting content, the girl was hit with a diamond button. Such an award is given only to those authors whose audience has reached 10 million people. Of course, you can’t achieve such fame if you just buy youtube subscribers. Eva had to put a lot of effort into promoting the channel and attracting viewers. She has made a real brand on her name, fans are watching her life with satisfaction. They create groups in her honor and actively communicate with each other, discussing changes in the girl’s life.

Watching vlogs perfectly helps to get rid of boredom and distract from routine. Watching the lives of others, you can rethink a lot and decide on changes that you have been thinking about for a long time. We wish you a pleasant viewing!

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