Canada’s BAD GYAL Ebhoni Latest Release: ‘X-Ting’

Canada’s BAD GYAL Ebhoni Latest Release: ‘X-Ting’

Thinking about picking up that phone call from your ex-boyfriend? Is your ex-boyfriend trying to get back with you? Ebhoni’s new single is sure to remind you that he’s not worth your time.

Latest Single Release “X-Ting”

21-Year old Canadian singer and songwriter Ebhoni release her new single entitled “X-Ting” on February 9th. The song offers a message of confidence while fusing an island Caribbean beat. She kicks the song off with a catchy and upbeat hook singing the lyrics “A hot gyal never takes back a waste man. an ex is an ex for a reason. ‘ex ting callin… watch me decline”.

She currently has a following of sixty-six thousand followers on Instagram, which is growing day-by-day. She is signed with Capitol Music Group and is making an immense impact on the music industry for several female POC’s. She has released several singles including ‘Hit This’, ‘Mercy’, ‘MIA’, ‘Jimmy Choo’, and ‘Cook Food’. Her music is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Photo by Chase Vassell

Climbing The R&B Charts Single by Single

This release follows her previous release “Hit This”.  Many people have taken to respond to her song, as she is an artist to keep an eye out for. She is rising her way up the R&B chart, making a name for herself. She is truly channeling the’ bad gryl’ vibes in totality with her in her music and style.

Her unapologetic and confident R&B style is earning her recognition as many media sites have taken notice. In 2019, Pitchfork wrote that she is “reclaiming the Toronto R&B crown for women.” She has made it a point to collaborate and work with Black-owned and LGBTQ+ businesses, even participating in pride parades. This has helped her brand, as she isn’t solely just a songwriter and artist but a social activist. Her Caribbean musical style and passion for social justice have made her an artist to listen to. She is a must-follow and rising artist for today’s generation.

You can listen to her single ‘X-Ting’ Here.

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