Lil Yachty Releases “Asshole” featuring Oliver Tree

Photo of Lil Yachty in yellow bubble coat

Lil Yachty Releases “Asshole” featuring Oliver Tree

Hip-hop artist and hitmaker, Lil Yachty, has just dropped a brand new visual for his single “Asshole” featuring Oliver Tree. The release occurred just a few days ago, on February 10 to be exact, and is from Yachty’s deluxe album “Lil Boat 3.5.” The deluxe album includes features from Drake, Lil Baby and Playboi Carti, and this single fits in just fine with the rest of the album’s heavy hitters.

The three minute long video has accumulated almost 700,000 views on YouTube and is directed by the singer it features, Oliver Tree. Its visuals take viewers on a tale of a day in the glamorous life of a character played by Lil Yachty. The artist is simply minding his own business in his home, when an intruder comes in, invades his space and tries to steal expensive jewelry. The video shows exactly how he handles the situation, while also sending the track’s message to a specific person.  

The song itself is intended to be a message directed towards an ex partner that scorned him. It tells of how he felt deceived by his previous partner because he was blinded by his love for her. He spoiled her with gifts, time and affection and in return, she treated him just like the name of this track.  

This single marks a shift in the musical journey of the 22 year old rapper. Not only is “Asshole” a great song to listen to, but it also shows off how much Yachty has honed in on his sound. Known for creating hits that resonate with a younger teenage crowd, this song has an appeal that will attract the teenage crowd he has already acquired, as well as those beyond those younger years. 

The “Asshole” video is out and is accessible for watching on YouTube, and to just listen to the song and the album “Lil Boat 3.5”, you can visit Lil Yachty on Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Music.

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