President-Elect Joe Biden Begins his Move to the White House, Officially

President-Elect Joe Biden Begins his Move to the White House, Officially

President-Elect Biden will now begin his move into the White House after a long delayed process held off by the Trump administration. The chief of General Services for the Trump administration, Emily Murphy, held off on the OK for Biden’s team to begin their transition to ensure the collection and recount of each vote from the November election. And this delay just came to an end about a week ago.

According to CNBC, “The letter from Murphy, who had withheld her decision on ascertaining Biden’s electoral victory for weeks after the Nov. 3 election, was revealed minutes before President Trump tweeted that he approved of the move.” This letter speaks volumes to the current situation of President-Elect Biden’s entry to the office because it will be the first official notice of Trump’s defeat despite his weeks of denial and attempts of clinging to his position. So, with his admittance of defeat in this November election, hopefully, it will give the Biden team the means to begin architecting their plan of action for the next four years. Of course, the official move-in won’t be until January, but at least things can begin to progress and America can get used to the transition of power from Trump to Biden.

As the transfer of power begins, Biden will also begin choosing cabinet members and staff appointments. He has made it apparent that he has plenty of people in mind for the opening positions. He has chosen Ron Klain as his Chief of Staff, but many others like Kate Bedingfield, Adrienne Elrod, Jen Psaki, and more who worked on his campaign are strong contenders for open positions. But according to CBS News, “Once the transition process formally begins, future staffers can begin meeting with current agency officials to set the Biden administration’s policy priorities. Biden transition team officials have raised concerns that truncating this process could make a smooth transfer more difficult.”

So, as the process begins to slowly unfold over the next one-two months we’ll surely get more information leaked into the press to give Americans an idea of how things are panning out. And come January, there will be plenty of change for Americans to absorb all at once, so here’s to hoping the transition is smooth and the transfer of power only aids Americans for the next four years.

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