Jade Owhadi, A Woman With A Dream To Improve The World’s Wellbeing

Jade Owhadi, A Woman With A Dream To Improve The World’s Wellbeing

International Humanité, a program that promotes education and provides emotional assistance to children living in developing countries, was all started by an individual woman with a passion for humanitarianism.

Jade Owhadi, founder of the organization, studied International Humanitarian Affairs in her undergraduate years. She also obtained her teaching license for the French and English languages, while receiving certification to be a Birth Doula.

After working 5 years in the humanitarian filed, she decided to expand her passion and reach out the volunteers and donors that have the same interest in promoting welfare.  Her zest for improving the lives of those who don’t share the same luxuries or necessities drove her to creating International Humanité.


According to the website, there are projects happening in Vietnam, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia. Vietnam was the first site for the program, where the focus is centered on orphans who have been abandoned, especially because they have a disability. The orphans are also victims of Agent Orange which is “a toxic herbicide that was created by Monsanto, and used by the military during the Vietnam War between the years of 1961 and 1971.”



The project in Cambodia started with the founder meeting a victim of human trafficking, and the children in Sierra Leone are living in a rural area where the parents struggle to afford the children’s education and daily necessities.

The current pandemic has affected much of the financial assistance to the areas as most of it comes from tourism. Currently Cambodia requires visitors to pay a $3,000 travel deposit before entering the country. Vietnam and Sierra Leone are all at a level 3 according to the CDC, which urge Americans to reconsider traveling to the countries due to COVID-19.



International Humanité is seeking donations of any kind since volunteering is uncertain at the moment. During a time where society seems more divisive than before, Jade Owhadi’s humanitarian work adds to improving the globalized world we live in.

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