The Biden Harris Ticket is History in the Making

If the Biden Harris ticket is elected come November, it will quite literally be history in the making. Although the United States has seen many powerful leaders resemble Joe Biden, it is Kamala Harris that is atop everyone’s mind, especially since the Vice Presidental debate with Vice President (VP) Mike Pence last week. If elected, Harris would not only become the first woman but the first woman of color Vice President of the United States. And as Business Insider puts it, “Because she represents multiple firsts, there’s meaningful pressure on Harris to succeed — and there’s been heightened scrutiny of her performance during the campaign.”

When Biden announced his running mate, the country knew it would be a woman as he pledged it a bit into the campaign trail, but they weren’t sure which woman. However, Harris was a smart choice, even if it may have been a bit uncomfortable for Biden. Their previous history on the debate stage led to Harris calling Biden out on racial busing programs, which resulted in negative press for his campaign.

By selecting Kamala Harris, it acknowledges that Biden understands the impact of electing a person that will bring Presidential into the white house. As the first woman of color, and woman in general she will bring an insight unlike those previous to her as well as “… she is likely to be seenas someone who meets Biden’s first criterion, which is a vice president who is prepared to be president,” according to the Washington Post. And she showed that during the Vice Presidential debate.

Courtesy of Dallas News

Harris remained calm, answered questions thoroughly, and made sure that she had her platform to speak to voters. Although she was interrupted a couple of times, she simply addressed VP Pence directly to say, “I’m speaking.” And as for VP Pence, he seemed to remain calm and collected but didn’t answer many of the moderator’s questions. Instead, he simply dodged and addressed what he thought was more relevant. For many on social media, this debate was a clear victory for Harris but we all have our opinions.

She even had a bit of fun with the debate,

orts, when moderator Susan Page slipped up by addressing her as Kamala Harris instead of Senator Harris, to which Harris responded, “That’s fine, I’m Kamala.” As if she was just your “average joe”, and not running for vice-presidential candidacy. So, here’s to the upcoming election, no matter the outcome, Harris has already made history. And inspired plenty along the way.


For a recap of Harris’s best quotes from the debate:

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The Biden Harris Ticket is History in the Making