BTS Virtual Concert Map of the Soul ON:E Breaks Records


BTS Virtual Concert Map of the Soul ON:E Breaks Records

Big Hit Entertainment

Breaking their previous virtual show’s Guinness World record, BTS sold 993,000 tickets across 191 different countries and regions during their two-day online concert on Saturday and Sunday. Viewers tuned in to witness another show after Bang Bang Con: The Live, which premiered in June during the beginning of the pandemic.

Performed in Seoul, Korea, BTS originally planned to perform in front of a live audience in preparation for their new album release, but had to accommodate for the lack of an in-person audience due to the coronavirus. Their last virtual concert, Bang Bang Con, received around 756,000 concurrent viewers in 107 different countries and territories, which Map of the Soul ON: E recently broke. This marks the second collaboration between Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ entertainment company, and streaming service KISWE.

The BTS concert was a way for the group to be able to interact with their fans and the ARMY, even if they couldn’t see them in person after the world tour was canceled.

“BTS continues to push the envelope for what’s possible for virtual concerts in the era of COVID-19 and beyond,” said Kiswe CEO Mike Schabel. “We’re excited to help loyal fans around the globe experience their music in new and ever-more immersive ways.”

Big Hit Entertainment added that the performances were dedicated to the fans who were affected by the current situation and couldn’t have an in-person viewing concert experience. They promised fans some surprising new stages and performances of older songs in their discography as well as songs off their last album, Map of the Soul: 7. This includes their number-one single and first entirely English song, Dynamite. Other performances comprised of song hits like “Boy in Luv”, “No More Dream”, “Run”, “N.O, We Are Bulletproof Part 2”, “Black Swan”, and remixes of “Dionysus”, “Boy” with Luv, and DNA.

After two nights of eye-catching stages where a carousel appeared on stage, the concert ended with the BTS member’s individual messages. The messages that had one member, Jimin, crying ended the night leaving their fans feeling emotional.

BTS’ new album BE Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order on November 20.

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