Beautiful, Sustainable Solutions for the Market and More

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Right now, perhaps more than ever, you’re feeling the need to be kind to the planet. But that’s always meant an unpalatable choice. Unattractive and sustainable. Or beautiful and wasteful. With The Better Farm Company, that’s a choice you never have to make!

Introducing thoughtfully designed, ethically made, 100% certified organic cotton shopping bags and other low-waste solutions as beautiful as they are functional.  Each piece is tastefully elegant in its simplicity making it easy to do right by Mother Earth.

The Better Farm Company focuses on attractive earth-friendly alternatives to single-use disposables like mesh bags for veggies and shoulder totes for groceries. The whole idea is to help us make better choices that collectively make a difference. Yes, you can do good in style!

These Will Be Your New Favorite Bags:

The Farm Tote – Sturdy, sustainable, eco-friendly canvas tote features 6 inside pockets with open bottoms to keep your jars, flowers, and veggies organized and upright. Because it carries 3x the amount your average grocery bag can handle it features wide handles that won’t dig into your shoulders. Easy to wash and re-use.

Perfect Blend Bag – Certified organic cotton bag is perfect for the market or anywhere you need to go. With a canvas bottom and mesh top, it’s both pretty and practical.

Natural Shopping Cotton Set – This thoughtfully designed set includes all you need for trips to the market. Never have to use a plastic bag again! Features 2 Farm Totes, 2 Perfect Blend Bags, and 10 Mesh Produce Bags which are the perfect alternative to plastic produce bags.


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  • Robert
    June 23, 2020

    Very Helpful and Informative post.

Beautiful, Sustainable Solutions for the Market and More