4 Easy Tips to Save The Planet from Environmental Activist Lindsey Coffey

4 Easy Tips to Save The Planet from Environmental Activist Lindsey Coffey

Photos via @lindseymariecoffey Instagram

By Hailey Hinton

Looking for ways on how to help save the planet can be difficult, and sometimes expensive. However, there are minor things that you can do that add up over time and will help save the planet in the long run, that are non-costly, and simple. 

Model and environmental activist Lindsey Coffey holds the title of Miss Earth, the pageant dedicated to environmental issues and sustainability. Some of her awareness initiatives include green solutions, protecting our natural resources, addressing the water crisis, climate justice, focusing on racial inequality and economic disparity, and their impact on sustainability. Below are her 4 easy tips to help save the planet. 

1. Say No To Single Use Plastic

As one of the greatest polluters, 79% of plastic ends up in landfills and 12.7 million tons is dropped into the ocean. With so many restaurants, retailers, and other businesses already saying no to single use plastic, this tip gets easier and easier with getting something like a Hydroflask.  

2. Donate

This is the best to help if you don’t know how–putting money into the hands of people and activists who know what to do with it! Whether it’s $1 million or $1, donating to a cause of your choice always helps for environmental success. 

3. Tweet Congress

Nowadays, social media is how we hear about almost anything, and it’s an easy way to spark attention from broad audiences. Tweeting, specifically tweeting state representatives will have that same affect. This will show what you’re passionate about–support for clean energy, climate action in underserved communities, etc.

4. Vote

After all, the power unfortunately isn’t entirely in our own hands. More of the reason to get out and vote for the politicians who show up for us and actually create change. At the end of the day, they have the money, power, and resources! 

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