Complete Your Fall Makeover with Lanolin Minis!

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The first day of fall is just around the corner, which means it is officially time to start planning for your fall beauty bag essentials!

Look to Lansinoh’s Lanolin Cream (Ministo transform and hydrate your lips this fall. This product is the perfect addition to your fall makeup bag; Lanolin Cream (Minis) will make your lips shine all season long – plus, it’s compact enough to throw in your clutch for touch ups on-the-go!

  • Lip Love
    • Lanolin has been used as a moisturizing agent for centuries and in more recent history has been a main ingredient in cosmetics including, you guessed it – lip care.  Why not go right to the source with the benefits of our highly refined, odorless lanolin?  Say hello to smooth and moisturized lips! 
  • Cuticle Care
    • Dry cuticles are uncomfortable and unsightly. Did you know that hydrated cuticles are important for healthy nails? Rather than carrying around a separate cuticle oil, Lanolin Cream melts right into your cuticles and gives your happy digits something to type about. 
  • Brow Balm
    • Gorgeous brows are the ultimate accessory and makeup trends do not dispute that!  There is no need to clutter your makeup bag with a one-trick brow gel. Use a little Lanolin Cream to smooth your brows into place. Not only will they stay put, you’ll be giving them a great deep conditioning treatment.
  • Magic Mixer
    • Can we agree that it’s all about that base? Lanolin Cream is the perfect base to extend uses of makeup staples. Need blush? Use some lanolin and add a little lipstick to give you a gorgeous blush. The lanolin will dilute the color a little bit avoiding that dreaded clown look. In case you were worried, Lanolin Cream is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores. 
  • Happy Heels
    • Can you think of anything nice to say about rough heels? Nope? Us either! While you may not carry foot cream in your makeup bag, using lanolin on your feet before you go to bed will have your feet baby soft in no time. 
  • Soothes Razor Burn/Nicks
    • No one likes razor burn or cuts – especially when you plan to be showing tons of leg this summer. Not only does it soothe the sting and promote healing, but it stops the bleeding too. Who knew?

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Complete Your Fall Makeover with Lanolin Minis!