Bonblissity: The Favorite Gym Bag Beauty Add-On

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Just throw it in your gym bag and go. From aiding in the aftercare of dry hands from using liquid chalk or just plain hygiene issues from using the equipment, Bonblissity’s Sweet + Single Candy Scrubs are everyone’s favorite gym bag accessory.

The Sweet + Single Candy Scrubs are so practical, convenient, and eco-friendly that they’re hard to resist. For only $20 a package, they make having clean, moisturized hands so easy to obtain. Don’t forget the best part, the moisture doesn’t wash off the next wash!

Bonblissity’s products were created to nourish the skin. Each product in Bonblissity’s spectacular skincare line is carefully curated with a blend of fine salt, pure cane sugar, botanical oils and butters to add in a triple threat effect to exfoliate, moisturize, and cleanse the skin. Better yet, Bonblissity is vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable. It’s such a simple that it’s almost everyone’s favorite to-go product.

Bonblissity is the dream product with sweet results created in LA by Elissa Choi and her husband, Jay Choi. Each box of candy scrubs come with a complimentary travel box- perfect for staying clean and moisturized on the go.


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Bonblissity: The Favorite Gym Bag Beauty Add-On