Beard Care & Grooming Guide – 8 Ways to Maintain Your Beard

Beard Care & Grooming Guide – 8 Ways to Maintain Your Beard

Whether you’ve been rockin’ a beard for years or you’re trying out a new lockdown trend, upkeep is essential. Here is everything you need to maintain your beard and keep your facial hair looking fresh!


HUE – Core Shampoo

Hue’s unique Core Shampoo is a blend of Salicylic acid and Ginger Root that will deeply cleanse, soothe and heal the hair and scalp. With a refreshing customized Hue Black Pepper scent, it’s perfect for everyday use. HUE was developed in recognition of the rapidly evolving cultural diversity in our world. Men of African, Asian, Latin, and Middle Eastern descent had specific hair and skin care needs. However, while formulating and testing the products it was found that they are truly FOR EVERY MAN.

Price: $24.99



Keepit Handsome – Beard Moitutizor 

Tired of a greasy, sparkly beard? Keepit Handsome Beard Moisturizer will hydrate the skin under your beard and help tame your unruly facial hair. Keepit Handsome uses a blend of emollients to ensure that your facial hair whether long or short is penetrated and hydrated all the way to your skin where it doubles as a moisturizer to the skin as well as beard. Prevent your beard from being dry and flakey by moisturizing it daily!

Price: $22.00



Outlaw Soaps – Magic Beard & Hair Elixir

If you’d like to condition your beard with the quick-absorbing oil of jojoba, with the fine, woodsy smell of cedarwood essential oil and campfire, look no further than this beard oil. Outlaw Soaps’ Magic Beard & Hair Elixir soothes even the wildest bird nest of scraggly beard, while smelling absolutely divine. It can be used as beard oil, but also makes a great hair oil! Made by the fine folks at Outlaw Soaps, a tiny little soap company in the Silver State, Nevada, by people who love their jobs.

Price: $24.00


Beard Buzz – Beard Balm

Beard Buzz is your daily dose of CBD nourishment whether you have a full-on man beard or a scruffy, no shave look. The physician formulated balm rubbed in your beard and surrounding skin will make your facial hair healthy and irresistibly groomed. Using Beard Buzz CBD balm, your rejuvenated beard will no longer resemble the unruly mess it once did.

Price: $35.00



Wild Willies – Beard Brush

Having the best beard means having the best beard tools in your toolbox. Having the best beard also means having the best beard brush. Luckily, Wild Willies carries the best beard brush on the market. Their beard and mustache brush is perfect for anyone who is trying to perfect their beard game. It’s made with boar bristles that are guaranteed to help you shape your beard with precision. Additionally, its sturdy construction fits evenly in your hand to ensure that it not only feels great on your face, but that it feels great in your hands as well.

Price: $9.99


Wild Willies-Arsenal Mens Grooming Kit


This grooming kit is your one stop shop for all your men’s grooming needs that don’t involve your beard.

– Arsenal Ultimate Grooming Set Includes:

– Straight Edge Nail Clippers – trim nails & cuticles

– Multi-Purpose Scissor – multiple use

– Slanted Edge Clippers – trim nails & cuticles

– Tweezers – multiple use

– Nail File – file and shape nails

– Scraping Tool – remove debris from underneath nails

– Cuticle Stick – push cuticles back from nails

– V-Shaped Push Stick – remove dead skin around nails

– Needle and Loop Blackhead Remover – remove dirt from clogged pores

– Ear Pick – remove earwax

Price: $14.95




Bare + Bloom – Hair & Beard Pomade

Bare + Blooms’ style-enhancing formula offers a pliable hold, leaving you in full control of your look while locking in moisture to prevent frizziness and add luxurious fullness and shine. Not only does this pomade let you create magnificent flows and slick styles, but it’s also good for your skin. This natural hair & beard care product is free from ingredients that don’t belong on or in our bodies, yet it effectively promotes hair growth, thickness, and moisture retention. Also, that mustache twirl.

Price: $36.00




Dr. Tusk – 3-in-1-Shave Cream

DR.TUSK Shave products are engineered for men and made with natural ingredients that men demand. This 3-in-1 Shave Cream took 2 years to develop and contains hemp seed oil, aloe vera, dragon’s blood and caffeine to specifically deliver a smooth shave, cool aftershave and moisturizer in one formula. Dr. Tusk also works to preserve the elephant species, supports organic farmers and is a leader in environmental sustainability.

Price: $12.00




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