Juvia’s Place Launches New Nude Collection

Juvia’s Place Launches New Nude Collection

The makeup brand Juvia’s Place is releasing a new collection of nudes: “The New Nude Collection.”

The collection will feature all different shades of nudes suited for every skin tone. Juvia’s Place is no stranger when it comes to diversity in the products they launch.

The New Nude Collection will have a set of lipsticks called ‘The Nude Velvety Matte Lipstick.’  They come in four shades for three tones:

The Mauves:

  1. Kebi (soft cool toned pink mauve)
  2. A Mauve Moment (mauve rose)
  3. Chic (warm toned soft mauve)
  4. 2020 (light brown mauve)

The Chocolates:

  1. Cocoa (deep dark chocolate nude)
  2. Toffee (creamy mocha chocolate)
  3. Lady (deep brown peachy nude)
  4. Muted (cool chocolate brown nude)

The Peaches

  1. Libra (rosy peach)
  2. In Vogue (muted peach)
  3. Me (warm toned peach-pink)
  4. Madamoiselle (warm peachy)


The Nudes Chocolate Lipstick Bundle from juviasplace.com

The Nude Velvety Matte Lipsticks sell separately for $14, or you can get a bundle for each set for $52.

The New Nude Collection will also consist of two types of glosses: a normal, every day gloss called “Glass Gloss” and a “Lip Reflect Gloss” for extra shine and ‘pop.’

Glass Gloss:

  1. It’s Glass (clear super high shine)
  2. It’s Electric (clear with gold shimmer)
  3. So Glazed (clear with pink shimmer)

Lip Reflect Gloss:

  1. Caramel Rose (warm toned soft brown)
  2. Barely There (light neutral beige)
  3. Sis! (deep peachy brown beige)
  4. Kiss Me (rosy baby pink)



from juviasplace.com

The glosses are $13 each, or you can get the Lip Reflect Bundle for $45 and the Glass Gloss Bundle for $35.

The collection doesn’t stop here–lip liners are also a part of the New Nude Collection. There will be a “Luxe Lip Liner” section with six shades.

Luxe Lip Liner:

  1. Scorpio (darkened plum)
  2. Kola (chocolate brown)
  3. So Rare (golden muted brown)
  4. Lush (dark rose)
  5. Love Me (pinky brown)
  6. Sweet Nothing (soft brown beige)



from juviasplace.com

The Luxe Lip Liners will sell for $10 each or you can get bundle for $48.

If you love all of these shades and formulas and can’t decide what to get, there is a “Nude Lip Collection” which features the entire collection in a bundle for just $250.

from juviasplace.com

The good thing about nude colors is that they never go out of style. You can wear any of these shades, in any of these formulas, and still be a trendsetter wherever you go, in any season. For summer, my pick would be the nude glosses.

The New Nude Collection is currently available on JuviasPlace.com.

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