The Top 5 Amazon Prime Must-Haves That Have Daily Use

The Top 5 Amazon Prime Must-Haves That Have Daily Use

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By Hailey Hinton 4/13/2021

It can be very easy to fall into the deep dark hole that is known as Amazon Prime. Especially in the past year being locked up in our homes, it’s easy to have impulse buys–many, many impulse buys. 

Although some impulse buys you end up using for a long time, many of them also end up in the trash. Below are 5 Amazon Prime must-haves that you will use every single day.  

1. JINEAR 18 Gold Plated Crossiant Braided Twisted Ring

This gold-twisted ring is a great dupe for some more expensive ones, and the quality is so impressive! Not only does this ring go with any outfit, but it also fits well and has a decent finish for “fake” gold. For jewelry lovers, do not hesitate to buy this!

2. Claw Clips from MagicSky

Claw clips have become another huge fad since the pandemic, and these 4 are by far the best from Amazon. While there are many styles of claw clips, these feel a little more “dressier” to me if you were to dress these up vs. wearing them casual. These are a game changer for your hair. 

3. Gua Sha Massage Tool

Another fad in the past few weeks is the Gua Sha. These massage facial tools help sculpt your face and jawline with regular use, as well as help your lymphatic system. You can buy these a lot of places, but for the price, this one works great and is such a great color!

4. RevitaLash Eyelash Serum

If you’re looking to grow your lashes, this option is for you. Revitalash is by no means cheap, but does it’s job and more. A tube of this will last 2 months (if you use it every night) and is around $98. Amazon also runs deals on this every month or so where it’s 15% off as well! Swipe it on your lashes like top eyeliner and you will see a difference in fuller, longer lashes. 

5. Finishing Touch Ice Roller

Using ice on your face in the morning helps with puffiness and aging, and this ice roller is my favorite thing to do that with! It’s nice and big to cover more of your face and neck, and the color is great!

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