More Than a Model: Allison Kimball

Photo of Allison Kimball

More Than a Model: Allison Kimball

By: Caitlyn Garrity / Mar. 31, 2021

It is getting harder and harder to establish the difference from an Instagram baddie to a model. With Allison Kimball, she does more than post photos and does photoshoots. The Boston native contributes to charities and runs a podcast focused on motivating and spirit-building content. Oh, and she is signed to Wilhemina Models.

Photo of Allison Kimball wearing a white tee

Photo via @allisonkimballl on Instagram

Allison Kimball’s Claim to Fame

With over 141 thousand followers on Instagram, Kimball has created quite the name for herself. The New York City resident sports curly blonde hair with foxy eyes that allows her to create many aesthetics for shoots. She told Naluda Magazine she has been modeling since 12 years old and ever since she started, she has been fascinated by the entrepreneurial side of modeling.

Photo of Allison Kimball with a red shirt and white hat

Photo via @allisonkimballl on Instagram

Her Charity Endeavors

Kimball is the co-founder of the campaign, “I’m Making a Difference.” This campaign focuses on bridging the gap between Millennials and Generation Z in terms of information gathering. Their information is fact checked by professionals like Harvard medical, Partners in Health and Seed Global Health.

The campaign has been used to spread accurate and consistent information to all, including information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and flattening the curve.

Using her platform for good is another reason that Kimball is set apart from other models in the industry. Her positive light and luminous energy allows her to potray the same positivity amonst her platforms. So much so, that she expanded her efforts to spreading light and happiness into podcasting.

Kimball’s Podcast: Spiked Kombucha

With a cute name to fit her beachy aesthetic, Spiked Kombucha is yet another business idea of Kimball. Podcasts are all the rage and with podcast ranging in every topic, Kimball chooses to focus her conversations on enlightening topics. She has featured guests like mind coach Laura Herde and business owner Molly J. Curley. They talk about ideas like motivation, entrepreneurship, inspiration and more topics to better yourself mentally and business-wise.

Photo of Allison Kimball for her podcast Spiked Kombucha

Photo via @allisonkimballl on Instagram

More to Come

With upcoming episodes for Spiked Kombucha and ongoing model work, Kimball is not slowing down anytime soon. You can follow along with her on her on Instagram posting selfies or adorable pictures with her boyfriend, Phil DeSimone.

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