“The Prince of Pop Art- Back For The First Time”

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The Contra Galleries welcomed the local New York City artist, Jeremy Wolff’s for his first New York City Solo Exhibition, “The Prince of Pop Art- Back For The First Time”
Jeremy Wolff has put together an exhibit that he calls “The epitome of pop art”. It blends culture, with currents events. Wolff aims to have his finger on the pulse of the people. He wants to hit different aspects of icons from multiple generations. Wolff often describes his work as nostalgic but with a sense of what is happening now.
The exhibition has one underlying theme of Pop Art, with 3 different series being presented.
The Cartoon Money Team Series is revolved around what Wolff has deemed the 5 most wealthy cartoon characters. He has put these characters in different lucrative situations and has compiled a series of thus far 5 original pieces of work. He plans on doing 10-12 of these large-scale paintings.
The Simpsons Mash Up Series is taking one of television’s longest running shows and mixing it up with pop culture iconic figures throughout time. Wolff has always been a huge Simpsons admirer since a young age and realized a lot of real world people or other TV stars correlated quite brilliantly with The Simpsons.
The Icons Series is something Wolff plans to continue throughout his career. It consists of greyscale aesthetic portraiture alongside the bright abstract background to which Wolff loves the contrast it creates. Wolff chooses the most legendary, iconic people from history and posturizes them in a dynamic pop art style.
Wolff also has some pieces from throughout his career that are not part of a series but felt they fit into the exhibition.






Jeremy Wolff is a contemporary, pop, street artist from New York City, with a focus in current events, pop culture, sports, and music. Since taking on art full time in 2014, Wolff has been featured at multiple charity events, met a number of professional athletes that have signed his work, and has done live paintings. Most recently, Wolff was featured in Forbes Magazine.

With a background in Mass Communications and Art, Wolff has gained a reputable following and aims to present at galleries, have murals on walls all over the world, and gain notoriety for his work. Wolff blends various styles to create a unique look that has transformed into his own. Taking traditional oil painting portraits and mixing it with his often spray paint background and drip style painting, he blends a more modern look with a street/pop art feel.


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“The Prince of Pop Art- Back For The First Time”