Vagina Pants and More in Janelle Monae’s Pynk Video

janelle monae pynk I grab back

Vagina Pants and More in Janelle Monae’s Pynk Video

Can we talk about the political fashion in Janelle Monae’s Pynk video? Monae, never one to stray away from political matters, brings female sexuality to the center of this recent video. Bringing attention to women’s sexuality and rights through the arts is much needed considering how they are constantly violated like the young girl in India.

Reminiscent of the Vagina Monologues, as the video tells the story of a place where women are free to be themselves and express themselves sexually.

We open in on the video with Monae driving a pink convertible against the pink desert wearing a badass striped blazer.  She pulls up in front of a place with a sign that reads, “Girls eat free and never leave.”

janelle monae pynk music video

A sequence of a choreographed dance ensues with vagina pants. A head pops out from the vagina pants reminding us all where we come from.

Janelle Monae vagina pants pynk music video

The throwback to the high school bedroom with the different underwear that plays off a political message. First, we see Monae with her ‘sex cells’ underwear with the pubic hair coming out that conveys the freedom to not shave. Followed by ‘great cosmic mother’ and ‘I grab back.’ The ‘I grab back’ panties in retaliation to the leaked recording of Trump saying he can just grab women by the pussy.

janelle monae pynk I grab back

‘I grab back’ panties, Pynk video

The next few scenes in the video show women working out, and a ‘pussy power’ light sign. The intimacy between the women elicits an open sexuality. Monae has always been an advocate for LGBTQ rights, but has never come out about her own sexuality. The relationship between Monae and another female in this video suggests Monae is coming out to the public.



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