The Pearl Man On Sustainability

The Pearl Man On Sustainability

Presley Oldham is an organic, handcrafted jewelry brand that places emphasis on the value of what it means to have good taste and elegance in the constant changing of our world. With the motive of escaping mass production and fast fashion, Presley works to restore what it means to bring back skills, craftsmanship, and affordability to establish longevity. 

The primary material that the brand works with is pearls from vendors throughout the Southwest region. Presley’s line is notable for raw, hands-on craftsmanship to make sure that each piece is constructed with time, dedication, and care. Some of the pieces vary here depending on how reproducible they are and the accessibility to the materials. 

Founded in May 2020, the line is based in Los Angeles, California, and Sante Fe, Mexico. While Presley is an amazing designer and artist, he is also involved in the acting world

It is clear that Presley exudes the need to demonstrate expression of storytelling and capturing emotion within his surroundings to create an environment that is adaptable and conscious. 

Story Behind The Jewelry Designer

Born in Texas, Presley Oldham didn’t have your typical childhood, given that he grew up surrounded by some of your favorite fashionistas and icons in the industry. From sharing spaces with Ru Paul, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, and more he was getting introduced early to the game because of his uncle Todd Oldham, a well-known fashion designer. 

In his free time when he finished school, he would join his mother who worked at Neiman Marcus where he grew to devote luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen and Prada. Such scenery inspired him to want to launch his own journey, so he moved to New York City and began studying at NYU. After his experience here he then pursued Los Angeles to explore the world of acting. 

With the pandemic taking a toll on our way of life, Presley knew he needed a different route to fulfill his destiny so he created his jewelry line. 

Over the years, he has always collected pearls as he traveled, at flea markets, and even from people he knew. With time he grew to love them even more and embrace their magical aura. What better way to create a form of escapism than with grace. 

Presley Oldham is a legend in the making, and with his roots and appreciation for nature, there is nothing that stands in the way of the timeless artist. 

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