Doechii Unapologetically Releases Single “Crazy” With Visuals

Doechii Unapologetically Releases Single “Crazy” With Visuals

     Empowered women empower women, and rising multi-talented star Doechii has done just that with her latest outspoken single “Crazy” that released on April 8. A visual metaphor that forces society to not look at the female form in a sexual light, but a resilient and fierce one.

     The aggressive overtones and hostile lyrics are a clapback to the ones who have outcasted the artist, along with others for not confining themselves to the “norms” of the world.

     “Crazy is about un-contained power, creativity and confidence. People call you crazy when they fear you or they don’t understand you. So, when I use it in the song, I’m reflecting that energy back on them to show them themselves” said Doechii.

Photo Credit: Capitol Music Group/Hi-Res Artwork

     Doechii worked closely with video director C. Prinz for four months in order to make the rageful, yet insightful masterpiece happen. The dynamic duo put their artistic minds together to convey the message that strong women face countless hardships as they navigate their way through the world of power and success. Prinz goal was to have viewers “see the female form not in moments of sexuality but instead for what we all go through, what we survive through and what we transcend.”

     The Tampa-made artist released her first EP “Oh the Places You’ll Go” in 2020, and has remained in the limelight since. In the following years, Doechii dropped a second EP “BRA-LESS”, along with singles such as “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” and “Persuasive”. Although her title is fairly new, she has also collaborated with Isaiah Rashad on his single “Wat U Sed”.

Photo Credit: Vika Petlakh

     Not only is Doechii ‘a force to be reckoned with in our book’, but she is also an “artist to watch” according to prominent platforms such as Spotify, Complex, XXL, Rolling Stone, Pigeons & Planes and HipHopDx.

     To see and hear Doechii’s empowering ode to the female form for yourself click here.     

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