The Inevitable & Fierce Journey of Hector Diaz

The Inevitable & Fierce Journey of Hector Diaz

Meet the ambitious fashion designer and illustrator Hector Diaz, also known as  Kurriizma (Ca-ris-ma). From the age of 5, the designer has always had a vision of being rebellious and rewriting his own rules in what it means to turn dreams into reality. Much of his inspiration derived from his grandmother’s tailor, where the designer got a chance to witness the essence of why we should treasure sustainable fashion. 

With a focus on sustainability and non-binary apparel, he always found himself looking to find new ways to challenge the status quo through innovation hoping to transpire the industry. Motivated by the idea of being a futuristic visionary, Hector’s journey has always been driven by taking risks to further explore design.

Recently, Hector graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. With this foundational background, it’s no surprise that he/they have such expertise in women, men, children, non-binary apparel, handbags, footwear, metals, material innovation, digital fabrication, and much more. Currently, Hector resides in New York City and continues to explore the life of Kurriizma with aspirations to channel his optimism to the rest of the world. 

Channeled by going against societal norms, Hector approaches the design process in a way that undergoes various trials and tribulations. With that being said, you can see much of his physical craftsmanship within his work as he illustrates abstraction in hue, shape, and design concepts to bring to light a narrative that is unworldly. 

Vibrant colors with a touch of collage felt abstraction seems to be Hector’s niche when it comes to designing pieces. Hector isn’t afraid to channel his inner personality into his work when it comes to capturing exotic ideas that others have never seen before. 

If you’re looking for something captivating, futuristic, and most importantly sustainable in terms of labor and being environment friendly, then Hector Diaz is the person you go to.

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