Fredo Bang Releases New Single “No Love” Featuring Sleepy Hallow

Fredo Bang Releases New Single “No Love” Featuring Sleepy Hallow

Since Fredo Bang’s release from prison last November, he has taken full advantage of his freedom by consistently releasing singles. He linked up with Brooklyn rapper Sleepy Hallow for his latest banger “No Love”.


“No Love” is a representation of the evolution of drill beats. The instrumental has an unforgettable acoustic melody laced with drill drums. The song brings a new vibe to the drill scene and proves that all drill songs do not have an aggressive aura associated with them. The type of beat is perfect for Hallow and Bang since they are two of the best melodic rappers in the game right now.


In “No Love”, Bang speaks about a girl that is rejecting him and showing no interest. He talks about how this does not faze him because he knows once she starts showing interest she is going to get attached. The Louisiana rapper is well aware of what he brings to the table and knows his love is one of a kind.


Hallow brings a different perspective with him speaking on his troubles finding love. Like Bang, he knows his self-worth, but the thought of settling down with one girl frightens him. 

“I can’t lie, girl I’m scared of committing, I can lose out on money tryna chase on the b-----s, but can’t lose women chasing chicken”

Hallow and Bang’s Versatility

Both Hallow and Bang show the potential to be the best out of their states. Last year, Hallow solidified his stamp as one the most versatile rappers coming out of the Empire State with the release of his project “Still Sleep”. Bang has released eight singles since his prison release and each song has shown his fans a different side of his musical talent.

Bang has been teasing the release of the sequel project to  “Two-Face Bang” on his Instagram with no official release date. If the project has the same direction as his latest singles the album is destined to be one that all rap fans should listen to.

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