Gremlins Animated Series Coming Soon

Gremlins Animated Series Coming Soon

“Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” is an upcoming animated series that takes us back in time. To uncover the origins of the lovable yet mischievous Mogwai. Set as a prequel to the beloved 1984 film Gremlins. This show introduces us to a young and courageous protagonist, 10-year-old Sam Wing voiced by Izaac Wang.

About The Gremlins Animated Series

Sam’s life takes an extraordinary turn when he crosses paths with the irresistibly adorable Mogwai named Gizmo. Following the charming voice of AJ LoCascio. Sam embarks on an epic quest to safely return Gizmo to his homeland. Also, facing a myriad of challenges along the way that will test his determination and resilience. Accompanying Sam on this thrilling adventure is his steadfast friend Elle. Together, they form an unbreakable bond as they navigate the treacherous path that lies ahead.

As the trailer tantalizingly reveals, the world that Sam and Elle inhabit is brimming with enchantment and wonder. Also, where ancient Chinese myth and folklore come alive. It is a realm where magic and mystery intertwine. Presenting our young heroes with extraordinary and unforeseen challenges that will push them to their limits. “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” promises to be an immersive and captivating experience. Including whimsical creatures, heart-stopping pursuits, and a tapestry of rich mythological elements.

The perfect blend of nostalgia and originality, this animated series is set to transport audiences. Into a world where secrets abound and adventures await at every turn. So buckle up, for soon we will embark on a journey that unravels the secrets behind the Mogwai. This animated series will hit screens on May 23 on Max. Also, this could be a great way to introduce kids to the franchise or unleash your inner child. Also, two episodes will be available on the premiere date and ten episodes in total. Be on the lookout for more updates on upcoming series.

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