Tom Holland Stars in New Trailer for The Crowded Room

Tom Holland Stars in New Trailer for The Crowded Room

With a dash of mystery and psychological suspense, acclaimed actor Tom Holland stars in Apple TV+ newest crime thriller, The Crowded Room. Inspired by the 1981 novel The Minds of Billy Milligan, the show follows a true story about an unsightly murder. It explores a series of questions posed by the lead investigator of the crime played by actress Amanda Seyfried. The show also serves to be a new addition to Apple’s growing collection of thrillers. It follows what was a successful launch of their A24 thriller, Sharper. With a star studded cast and a plethora of questions left open from the trailer, The Crowded Room may delve into Golden Globe success. 

Holland’s Many Past Works & The Upcoming The Crowded Room

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Tom Holland has been able to make quite the name for himself within the movie industry. From starring as Spider-Man in multiple Marvel projects to working on the highly acclaimed The Devil All the Time with Robert Pattinson, Holland has explored a multitude of film genres. While The Crowded Room doesn’t come as his first thriller, it became an instant interest for Holland to join the team. Having wanted to work on a crime series at least once in his career, Holland noted how this project has served those dreams well. 

Holland stars in the lead role as Danny Sullivan, the criminal at hand whose mind will be implored. The trailer featured a quick span of Sullivan’s life. It mysteriously covering his meet with one of the missing families at hand. Holland taps into his character well and it’s already evident with how fully encapsulated he was in the clip. The trailer showcased the complexity of Danny Sullivan, with his many emotions being put on quick display. The Crowded Room explores mental health on a new cinematic level. And it does so by taking the watcher into the mind of Sullivan. This will be a new challenge for Holland, but one that he was so ready to take on. 

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