A Glimpse Into The Eñaut Archive

A Glimpse Into The Eñaut Archive

With themes of climate change deeply rooted in its clothing, Barcelona-based brand Eñaut is championing sustainability. 


The brand, founded by designer Eñaut Barruetabeñ, debuted its first collection in 2019. The monochromatic collection, “Newfoundland,” is simple and chic, however, with a fisherman’s twist — the theme takes inspiration from Basque whalers. 080 Barcelona Fashion awarded the collection with Best Emerging Design.

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Since then, Eñaut has gone on to release collections related to climate awareness, including “PERMAFROST,” which serves as a visual representation of the issue of permafrost thawing.

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Oil Sea

There’s also the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, “Oil Sea,” centered around the 2002 oil spill caused by the MV Prestige. Barruetabeñ regards the collection, which debuted on the 20th anniversary of the unfortunate disaster, as “a criticism of the abusive use of oil and the damage it causes to the environment.” The idea is well presented through, for example, a white cloth robe that looks like there is black oil dripping down one side.

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Eñaut’s most recent collection, “Under” highlights the importance of coral to the environment as well as having clean air. The Spring/Summer 22-23 collection features a mix of sleek white and coral-colored garments with varying textures as well as silhouettes that make one feel as if they’re exploring the deep sea. 

About The Designer

Eñaut Barruetabeñ was born in the Basque Country, moving to Barcelona later in life to study architecture. However, he had a change of heart, graduating from the IED Barcelona in 2017 with a degree in Fashion Design. One year later, he would launch his self-titled brand, winning the 080 Barcelona Fashion contest for Best Designer. Barruetabeña describes his work as acquiring “a lot of attention and movement, with different cuts and details” that one can notice with a careful eye.

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