Trevor Hall Releases “train song” From Upcoming Album

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall Releases “train song” From Upcoming Album

With his sold-out shows and folky voice, Trevor Hall is certainly a new singer to look out for. Even though he is still rising up on the scene, he is making a name for himself. That name might grow with the release of his upcoming album, Trevor Hall and the Great In-Between. This album does not come out until September 15, but there is already a lot to be excited about. Hall is teasing his fans with the release of a new single, “train song”. If this single is any indication of where he’s headed musically, the album is sure to be a wonderful listen.

The Emotions of Trevor Hall’s Songs

Trevor Hall and The Great In-Between Album
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This is not the only new single that Trevor Hall has released ahead of the upcoming album. He has released three others, “hello my son”, “all of my lessons”, and “shake it out.” However, Hall sees “train song” as unique, since it is very personal. He says the song “points to the invisible power within that keeps us going on our life journey despite any hurdles or setbacks we may encounter. For me personally, it celebrates all of the concerts, songs, and travels that I’ve had the gift of participating in and also reflects on how the power of love always brings us home,” All of this shows how important this song is for Hall and the album.

The Delight of “train song”

It is a song that feels very raw and authentic. From the start of the slow, yet heavily instrumental music, the listener is hooked right in. It makes you feel like you are on a journey. Then Trevor Hall comes in with his silky smooth voice that feels comforting, and can tell an excellent story. The music and Hall’s voice blend perfectly together for the right folksy sound. The song gains more energy as it goes on, for some to-tapping spirit, but it is still able to keep the song calm. It is a great song to put on when you want to just close your eyes and relax. There are also the beautiful lyrics, like “Everything you told me, I’m hoping it’ll hold me, as I float down the river of time,” and “Still looking for a good sign, I think we’re making good time, but lord only knows what is coming ahead, my friend” that hit really deep, making this song special.

The Background of Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall - Live From California Roots Album
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Trevor Hall grew up around music in his South Carolina home. He started studying guitar at the Idyll-wild Arts Academy for high school. When he was just sixteen, Hall signed a record deal. While this was a significant achievement, he felt restricted under big-label music. Hall left the label, and starting in 2017, he began making music as an independent musician. Since then, Hall has amassed billions of streams on music streaming websites from adoring fans, and he has now made a real name for himself in the indie music scene. Hall has toured many venues around the world, and is excited for this next step in music.

Trevor Hall and the Great In-Between

Trevor Hall and the Great In-Between comes out on September 15 through Hall’s 3 River Label. To promote the album, he will play at the Cascade Equinox Festival in Redmond, Oregon, from September 22 to 24. Not only is Hall promoting a new album, but also a new era. Hall took care of every part of the production, which signifies a fresh take for his released music. All of the songs were written by him, and him alone. Hall recorded it in his own backyard, emphasizing that he was really taking care of everything. The album promises to combine the folky sounds of his previous music, while also inserting some new touches and adding a little flair to create an exciting new sound. This album is a creative expression of Hall’s talents and is gearing up to be a fantastic album with some soothing yet emotional songs.

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