The Bayonets Are Back

The Bayonets Are Back

Rock and Roll trio, The Bayonets, are back and brought along new single “Argentina.” The single introduces an explosion of upbeat rock, heavy drum lines, and bass driven instrumentals that serves the track well. “Argentina” comes along as the newest addition to the trio’s small collection of music; however, it stands to be the launch of a new era for the star-studded group. 

Who Are The Bayonets?

Based in Los Angeles, California, the trio consists of Brian Ray, Oliver Leiber, and Argentinian legend Lucrecia López Sanz. Ray has worked with numerous highly acclaimed musicians, including but not limited to Paul McCartney and Etta James. Leiber is the son of famed songwriter James Leiber who wrote the Rock and Roll songbook featuring songs such as “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.” The prodigal son found his footing in music and has also made a large impact in the industry. Oliver Leiber has also worked with acclaimed artists including musicians Ke$ha and Rod Stewart. The trio originally formed in 2011; however, they have been on and off with making music. While they began the journey with just singles, they have released one album since their formation. “Crash Boom Bang” was released in 2014 and consisted of ten songs that received high public praise.

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“Argentina” Review:

The Bayonets newest release comes as a mixture of old rock with an electric rhythm and a harmony that satisfies the vibe of the single. The track takes its bass seriously, with the instrument encapsulating most of the song. The drum line does a great job in staying in tune with the bass. The drums do well in ascending and descending in volume with every chorus. The track essentially sounds like a beachy rock and roll song from the 70s. It has a striking beat that evidently will leave the audiences’ heads swaying. “Argentina” is a well rounded rock song that captures the essence of the genre with its built up chorus, impressive drums, and guitar solos. 

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