Kelvyn Colt To Release An Exciting New EP

Kelvyn Colt To Release An Exciting New EP

Rapper Kelvyn Colt Singing at NYC Concert in January, 2023

Kelvyn Colt is a German based rapper who has been stirring up the scene in recent years. His music is based a great deal on those emotions of feeling different and not fitting in.

He recently performed his first two concerts in the United States this past January of 2023. His arrival in the states is timely, revealing in an interview that he has a new EP releasing soon.

This new release follows up two other singles “EYE4EYE” and “SHORTY!” released earlier this year.

His new EP is Titled “Drummond Hunt”, releasing on March 27th. Colt has said that this project is personal as it contends with mental illness and its awareness.

Feeling like someone on the outside or misunderstood is familiar to Colt, given his experiences growing up as a Biracial person in Germany. Turning to music and poetry as outlets for his emotions, he embarked on the journey which has finally brought him overseas.

Raising Awareness

Nevertheless, Colt has been an active member in his community. Most recently organizing a project called “German Angst”, Colt seeks to break the taboo on mental health. Describing German Angst as

“States of anxiety and inner unrest, which are stereo typical for Germany in terms of culture and philosophy”

The rapper rallies behind this cause because, as he puts it, 

“…[Mental health Activism] was one of the things that doesn’t really have anything to do with selling tickets … everybody should be passionate about it. That’s why we organize and do book clubs. It’s to give people real life happenings that bring them together with other good people.”

One thing that drives Colt to keep making music is his passion and genuine desire to leave a positive impact on people. He says,

“Music is such a powerful tool, it can invoke emotions in you and it can help remove you from any situation that you’re in… Timothy Leary wrote in one of the books, he said, liberation through listening. And I like that.”

Kelvyn seeks to create for others a safe place to express their emotions and feel welcome. Describing how his music relates to his live performances, he states,

“I want to create a world sonically within my music, but also visually, and when I’m at a show we call that the Church of Rage, where we come together.

In the brief time we were able to sit down with the rapper, we found a remarkably emotionally intelligent and aware individual who was excited to take a huge new step in his career. While he’s had much success in the past in Germany, there is much to look forward to with this new release.

Kelvyn Colt’s Spotify is linked Below

All Images Via The Garnette Report

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