Gracie Abrams Gets Personal

Gracie Abrams Gets Personal

Indie-pop artist, Gracie Abrams, debuts her newest album “Good Riddance.” A mixture of gorgeous instrumentals, soothing vocals, and lyrical tenderness, “Good Riddance” sets a new era for the the 23 year old artist. 

The Era Before

Gracie Abrams has always been one to show her emotions through lyrical storytelling. She’s been widely popular for her many heartbreak oriented songs. Although she is the daughter of American filmmaker J.J. Abrams, the artist has separated herself from that route and found solace in music. Her previous EP, “This is What it Feels Like” brings raw emotion into the most intimate of experiences through storytelling. The project focused primarily on internal conflict, yet, dives deep into the pains of failed connection and self reproach. Yet, Abrams still conveyed the beauty of growth through her vocals. The EP featured intense instrumentals and soft vocals that highlighted a dreamy yet insightful outlook throughout the tracklist. Songs such as “Feels Like” highlighted friendship through cresendoeing music and this kaelidospic sound flowed throughout the album, even moving to her next project. 

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Gracie Abrams: An Album Review

Abrams says goodbye to heartbreaks and false images with this narrative-driven album. “Good Riddance” explores an imaginative element in her music. She manages to infuse personal growth with an intimate yet relatable portrait of love. The album gets candid about Abram’s struggles with vulnerability. However, her songwriting proves otherwise as she lyrically confesses her acceptance of the struggle.

Many of the tracks on the album are layered with beautiful folk-like guitar lines and silky vocals, creating an artistry that can be resembled to many of her famous counterparts. Highly acclaimed producer Aaron Dessner took charge on the album, working closely with the young artist. It’s no wonder the album sounds like a mixture of Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lorde. Abrams has been highly spoken about as an innovative storyteller, with many of her lyrics showcasing her inner-most feelings. Songs such as “Fault line” carry a brutally honest perspective on self-destructing love. Abrams admits in the song that “I know you’re a fault line, but I’ll break too,” confessing that this love could fracture on both ends. Abrams paints that same lyrical tension throughout the album. She wants to grow and she becomes intimate with that idea in “Good Riddance.” 

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