Chloe Bailey Releases “How Does It Feel” Collab

Chloe Bailey Releases “How Does It Feel” Collab

Chloe Bailey released a new single, “How Does It Feel” featuring Chris Brown. The song is the second track on her upcoming debut album. The controversial collaboration between Chloe and Chris Brown is here. Accompanied by a sizzling video, there is more fiery chemistry than expected.

“How Does It Feel” video on YouTube via VEVO.

Chloe prompted the single by sharing a photo of her alongside Chris on her social media accounts. However, the collaboration has fans debating the need for CB on the album. This is due to Brown’s troubling past surrounding women; especially black women. CB pumped up the fellow artist via Instagram by writing the following.

“You are a beautiful soul… TAKE OVER THE WORLD SHAWTY and DON’T LOOK BACK! YOU ARE A QUEEN! DON’T LET NOBODY TELL YOU NO DIFFERENT! You followed your dreams and now the universe is fulfilling that manifestation.” 

Chris Brown stated via post.

About Chloe Bailey’s “How Does It Feel”

The single is about a failed relationship, which is very relatable among fans. The visual does an interesting job of conveying that message. The song follows the call-and-response format of Chloe and Chris trading verses. This song closely resembles the “No Air” single from Jordin Sparks in 2008, in terms of theme and featuring of Chris Brown.

Bailey is one half of the sister duo Chloe x Halle, and her debut album will tackle everything the artist has been through so far. This project is her way of breaking free and establishing herself as a solo artist and creator. Chloe to most is a sex symbol, thus, unveiling different layers through the upcoming album will be an experience for sure.

The single bops whether you disagree or agree with the feature. Not only that, but Chris Brown is also known for his collaborations. Chloe Bailey could have chosen anybody, but who’s to say she did not want controversy? Chloe Bailey knows what she’s doing because she’s controversial and up-and-coming. 

Image Provided by: Getty Images/Amy Sussman.

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