After fans begged Lucki to drop a deluxe for his first studio album, Flawless Like Me, the Chicago native released a new album. His new album S*x M*ney Dr*gs is a spin-off FLM, addressing his lifestyle.

The cover art for SMD is a recreation of the Queen Bee, Lil Kim’s first studio album, Hard Core.

Lucki has had cover art inspiration in the past as one of his mixtapes, Days B4 III is a recreation of his idol Chief Keef’s project Almighty So.

(Left Photo: Courtesy of EMPIRE) (Right Photo: Courtesy of Glory Boys Entertainment)

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lucki talks about how Keef inspired him and others.

“I use to idolize him and shit, he’s only a year older than me, Lucki said. It’s people older than me that look at Sosa the same way, so that was crazy.”

Lucki has been making music since 2012 and has evolved entirely as an artist. His tone on a song doesn’t match the beat of the song. Lucki beats sometimes consist of bass, but he raps chill on beats.

Seeing Lucki perform live, his demeanor is still the same. While he’s on stage rapping chill, the crowd is hyped up and jumping around. 

He has kept his momentum going since dropping FLM. FLM was a great first album with plenty of beautiful music.

S*x M*ney Dr*gs is another great piece by Lucki. SMD consists of 15 songs featuring only Detroit rapper Veeze. Lucki and Veeze are a dynamic duo in the rap game and have made some music together.

Their best song together is called “Millions” which dropped early this year on Jan 27. The two came back together on the album to make the song “Wholeworldslatt”, a tribute to Young Thug, who was incarcerated in May 2022. This song is a perfect ten on the scale.

Another perfect ten that is the best song on the album is “Purple Hear Ski.” With only two perfect songs on the album, there are plenty of other good songs, such as “Mubu,” “Str8 Syrup,” “Pop Star,” and “Karma A Bitch.” 

Gladly, Lucki didn’t make a deluxe version of Flawless Like Me, with seemingly only five new songs, because this 15 song project will be a classic.

Feature Photo: Courtesy of Empire

S*x M*ney Dr*gs

  1. Tunevert: 6
  2. No Bap: 8
  3. Super Ski: 7
  4. Gemini Love: 7
  5. 2021 Vibes: 8
  6. Mubu: 9
  7. Almighty Tune: 7
  8. Str8 Syrup: 9
  9. Purple Hear Ski:10
  10. Karma A Bitch: 9
  11. Pop Star: 9
  12. Wholeworldslatt (feat. Veeze): 10
  13. Bby Pluto: 7
  14. Chrome Denim: 8
  15. New York: 9


Overall: B

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