DeeOhGee Releases “Don’t Give Up On Love”

DeeOhGee Featured Image Credit: Mundane Magazine

DeeOhGee Releases “Don’t Give Up On Love”

East Nashville-based rock band DeeOhGee has released a new single, “Don’t Give Up On Love.” Formerly known as the “Blackfoot Gypsies,” DeeOhGee is a conglomeration of three brothers who first started playing, recording, and touring in the United States and Europe over 10 years ago. The group took on a fresh start in 2021. With a background full of dedication to rock and roll, and inspiration from the talents of American music, the band has goals of bettering and relating to their fellow people through their music.

DeeOhGee is composed of three members: Matthew Paige, Zack Murphy, and Dylan Whitlow. Each member brings a different level of musical expertise to the band. Together, they play a wide range of instruments, from the classic piano and folk banjo to the less common timpani and harmonium. Typically, Murphy plays drums and percussion; Paige plays guitar and banjo; and Whitlow plays bass and keyboard. All three band members are also on vocals. What makes DeeOhGee stand out from others is that their recorded music is only made by them, not studio musicians.

“Don’t Give Up On Love” is the first new music released by the band since the release of their album, New Way Of Life, in 2021. DeOhGee has clear influences from the psychedelic American rock/blues/bluegrass bands of the 1960s/1970s. Their new single produced by Gregory Lattimer combines their sound with positive hippie lyricism. It also features a firm drum beat and a captivating guitar riff that each add another layer.  The band released an animation of themselves accompanying the song across their social media pages.

“Don’t Give Up On Love” is a lively song that could easily fit in at a summer festival. DeOhGee has a lineup of New Way Of Life 2023 tour dates that extend from this July to November. Their tour dates can be found on their website,

Featured Image Credit: Mundane Magazine

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