Spotify’s New Plan to Adapt Podcasts into Movies and Tv Shows

Spotify’s New Plan to Adapt Podcasts into Movies and Tv Shows

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Partnered with Chernin Entertainment, the Hollywood production company behind New Girl, Spotify Technology announced their deal to use their existing podcasts to produce video content for the screen on September 24. The collaboration will work off the 250 original shows from Spotify’s library to adapt them to movies and tv shows for other outlets to buy.

The podcasting market is heavily invested in and Spotify is a big contender already making a name for themselves in the audio platform. Chernin stated that this agreement would be a beneficial opportunity for their production company and the future of Spotify’s content.

“Audio is by far the fastest-growing medium in the entertainment business, and with over 250 originals and thousands of hours of content, Spotify has one of the largest libraries of unattached IP that exists in the world today and that library is being added to daily,” stated Chernin Entertainment Chairman and CEO Peter Chernin. “This treasure trove of content plus the acceleration of new voices and stories provides an enormous opportunity to transform these addictive stories and IP into content for the screen.”

Podcast changing platforms from audio to video isn’t exactly a new concept and Spotify is currently working with other production companies for a new movie or tv adaptations. Homecoming, originally a podcast series on Spotify, is set to be adapted to web series on Amazon Prime Video. A collaboration among Spotify, Chernin, and Pineapple Street Media is already in the works for the podcast adaptation of the Clearing, which is about serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. Other upcoming projects that are yet to be released include the Horrors of Dolores Roach and the Two Princes, both Gimlet podcasts now owned by Spotify.

The goal behind this agreement is to not only diversify Spotify’s content but to successfully translate audio programs to visual platforms. Spotify would be able to tell new stories in new ways and gain a bigger audience in the process.

Spotify and Chernin haven’t announced a launch date for when any of these titles might appear but it is estimated that the earliest time might be some time in 2021.

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