‘Seasons Change’ With Kenny Muney

‘Seasons Change’ With Kenny Muney

Whether it’s hot or cold, raining, or snowing, Kenny Muney counts his stacks all year long. Traveling from winter to summer and back again with his new album, the Paper Route Empire artist shares The Blue Seasons. The new project finds Kenny Muney showing all sides of himself: He rhymes with his signature smirk on hustle hard anthems like “Breezy” and “Paper Route, his new collaboration with close friend Key Glock, but takes time to show his more sensitive side on songs like the romantic “Hate It There” and the reflective “Ion Feel That $hit.” The South Memphis native delivers the mission statement for the project on the Bandplay-produced opener “My $eason“: “I might just change my climate, change my mood, I’m tryna capture somethin’.” Featuring additional appearances from CEO Jizzle and BEO Lil KennyThe Blue Seasons streams everywhere via Paper Route Empire.

To accompany the album, Kenny Muney shares the video for “Scratch Off” ft. CEO Jizzle, an album highlight. A Tennessee trap stomper defined by its mournful, film noir saxophone riff, as Kenny rhymes about earning more money than you get from winning the scratch-off lotto. In the video, he and CEO Jizzle relax in a warehouse full of their favorite cars, before Kenny and Jizzle hit a late night lick with a beautiful accomplice.

The Blue Seasons is the latest step in Kenny Muney’s mission to take over the game and live up to the legacy of his late mentor Young Dolph. Last year, Kenny shared Blue Muney (Deluxe), home to fiery singles like the guitar-driven “Top,” the soulful intro “Muney Prayer,” and the Hitkidd-produced “In A Rush,” and guest appearances from Key GlockMoney Man, and more.

With The Blue Seasons arriving along with the Spring equinox, Kenny Muney shows that he has the talent and determination to succeed in the Empire-building business. Stay tuned for more from Kenny Muney and Paper Route Empire this year. Check out our previous coverage on Kennu Muney here.

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