Role Model Debuts New Single, “A Little More Time”

Role Model Debuts New Single, “A Little More Time”

Eclectic American singer and song-writer, Role Model, released his newest single “A Little More Time” on Friday. The artist is starting the new year with a love song fresh off his highly successful “Tourx 2022” world tour. 

The pop artist, also known as Tucker Pillsbury, has seen his musical journey reach new levels. Many of his recent performances consist of Coachella and a majority of sold-out venues. One such venue includes a sold-out show at Los Angeles’ The Palladium. This new track introduces a new era for the singer that steps into infatuation. The single carries a guitar melody that illustrates the same passionate chase discussed in the song. 

The desire for the love interest consumes Role Model in the single. Many of the lines in the track include a passionate obsession with this person. One example being “Honey, you’re the only reason I don’t quite feel alone.” While it is a love song, the lyrics stay true to Role Model’s comically twisted persona. Lyrics such as “You say we’re miserable together, that’s all that gets me out of bed,” encapsulates that twisted sense of love. The track is riddled with classic Role Model lyrics that paint that same infatuation his debut album “Rx” also unveiled. 

Role Model & His Witty Music Video

The single is accompanied with a music video co-directed and filmed by his girlfriend Emma Chamberlin, an internet personality widely known for her coffee brand and fashion outtakes. In the video, Tucker Pillsbury breaks the fourth wall and charms his audience with direct eye contact at all times. The light hearted home-video comes with comically included ad-libs and Role Model’s trademarked wittiness. Role Model utilizes the California city to its fullest and continues to appeal to his viewer with nothing but a guitar strapped on.

The couple also showcased their GQ Hype Valentine’s Day Issue in which they took center stage on the cover and took part in GQ’s Couples Quiz. The pair have been together for close to two years with their relationship staying mostly private; however, this was their first time taking things to the media. In the GQ quiz, both the singer (Tucker Pillsbury) and Emma Chamberlin admit that their relationship helped write many of the previous songs. Some of the songs about Chamberlin include slow-tempo “neverletyougo” and up-beat track “blind.”

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