Neek Bucks Holds Album Release Party

Neek Bucks Holds Album Release Party

Album art at event

Proud Harlem native Neek Bucks recently held a release party for his new album “Blessed To The Max.” Held at the Goldbar lounge, the event was suitably swanky. Support pouring in in the form of the many attendees, there was a great turnout.

While filling the space, the event was undoubtedly intimate with fans mingling with Neek’s family and friends. All were sharing stories of what brought them to the event, their connection to Neek, and celebrated the upcoming release.

In essence, “Blessed To The Max” culminates Neek’s career up to this point and all of the hard work put into it. The album consists of 14 tracks and spans 37 minutes in length.

Notably, his daughter who’s pictured on the album cover in Neek’s arms has been one of the biggest impacts on his life. Attributing her with saving his life, he says,

“I ain’t think nobody love me, thank God for my daughter.”

Ice Sculpture with the titled of Neek Buck’s new album

Harlem Roots

As a child Neek grew up in tough environment in East Harlem. Like many other kids from that area, he found himself in a situation that was difficult to survive let alone navigate.

Neek’s first two albums released in 2018 and 2019 were titled “El Barrio” and “El Barrio 2.” El Barrio translates to “the neighborhood”, and within these albums the rapper speaks on his childhood. Usually, you would expect most 14 and 15 year old’s to be playing sports. Conversely, Neek was witnessing his friends being charged, indicted, and placed in the justice system.

A young Neek didn’t escape the legal system either, and reportedly was not able to be released from probation until his mid-twenties. Nevertheless, what kept Neek from making the same decisions as the people around him was music. He says

“Music has always been for me.”

Blessed To The Max

Bucks has worked consistently over the past years to leave that world behind him. At the same time, he speaks to the truth of the situation and his own truth having gone through it.

Despite his struggles he also makes it clear that he wants to give back to his community of East Harlem. It comes as no surprise, then, that East Harlem showed out to support his new release.

Neek has been working to break out of New York for some time now. Aiding this effort, his new album features other rising stars on it like Lil TJay and Benny The Butcher.

Despite all of the things that happened in Neek’s past, he genuinely views himself as “Blessed To the Max.” Remaining grateful and humble for the opportunities his efforts have provided him.

Family has also always been a big support for Neek. Attending the event were his mother and sisters, who were overjoyed at the strides being made. Ashley, one of Neek’s sisters said,

” He’s been working at his craft for many, many years….My brother has been working really hard and deserves it. He’s a smart and humble young man, and I’m so, so, so proud of him.”

New York’s hip-hop scene, once uncontested, has seen similarly explosive wells of talent appear throughout the last few decades. From the dirty south to the west coast, hip-hop subcultures and talent pools have spread.

Thankfully, with artists like Bucks, we can be sure that the city that never sleeps will never be slept on.

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