OnPointLikeOP Releases “Stay Dangerous”

OnPointLikeOP Releases “Stay Dangerous”

OnPointLikeOP and Dusty Locane have teamed up again to release their new single “Stay Dangerous”. It is the first single of OnPointLikeOP’s upcoming project, “My Brother’s Keeper.” The project will feature heavy hitters such as Jim Jones, Bobby Shmurda, and many more. 

Stay Dangerous

“Stay Dangerous” is an attempt at a good drill track. From the gritty tones, heavy ad-libs, and story-telling OP and Dusty have juxtaposed verses. It perfectly blends the two artists’ unique musical styles, creating an exciting and dynamic sound. The new single aims to captivate listeners. 

Recently, he collaborated on the Christmas album, ‘VL: 12 Days of Xmas’ with the legendary Jim Jones. Apart from the recent singles, OP continues to be consistent as this will be his first solo project. He is solidifying himself as a force on the New York drill scene. The song has an aggressive tone and follows the 808 formula as a drill song. Dusty Locane has a stronger presence and delivery on the single. Rhythmically, it flows well and the song is perfect for car jam sessions or even as club bangers.

However, OP should have done the single alone, without any features. To highlight the artist’s dynamic delivery, unique sound, and perspective to announce his arrival. “My Brother’s Keeper” will release in March of this year. OP is in the same category as Fivio Foreign, Roddy Rich, and DD Osama. The Empire signee is becoming one of the artists to watch in 2023. 

It is hard to say how the drill scene will evolve this year. As well, there are a number of new contenders in the industry. Another aspect to consider is if the scene will have an equal presence by both female and male artists. Subsequently, female artists have been delivering and being well-received and set the tone sonically. Artists like, Coi Larey, Gorilla, and Ice Spice for example.

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