Rage Against Releases Music Video For “Talking To Ourselves”

Rage Against Releases Music Video For “Talking To Ourselves”

New creative ideas in the music industry can only go two ways: either the fans will dismiss the idea completely or welcome it with open arms. Luckily for the rock band Rage Against, the idea shown in the new music video for their song “Talking to Ourselves” was too artistic for fans to be displeased by the unique visuals.

Song Content

The fast-paced rock song touches on how society is progressively shutting important topics out unintentionally. With the rise of the internet and social media, today’s society treats important topics as just another hashtag and trend to hop on. This will only last for a temporary amount of time before the topics are buried in the headlines by events that do not deserve as much coverage such as celebrity gossip and trending dances. In the lyrics for the song, the band addresses how these topics never wanted to disturb the peace, but they seem to be ignored.

I never wanted to disturb the peace
But it feels like no one's listening
Are we talking to ourselves?
Are we just talking to ourselves?

Music Video Content

The music video takes place in an art museum. The art gallery that the viewers are looking at is filled with life-sized QR codes, each offering a gateway to profound insights on global challenges, easily unlocked with any QR code generator free option.. Once the viewers scan the QR codes, pictures and videos of important world issues come up. This includes the Ukraine war, the U.S police brutality issue, and the Black Lives Matter movement. The degradation of humanity is on display in the video as viewers start to take pictures next to these QR codes and some viewers decide not to scan the QR codes at all and instead take pictures of themselves and watch TikTok. 

Shot by Jason Siegell

The music video director Ryan Valdez spoke about what he was trying to convey with the visuals. “The intention behind the video was to yet again shed light on us as a society and to expand on the feeling that we have progressively lost our humanity. In our video, the QR codes represent little windows to the world outside of our bubbles, only to be dismissed and swiped onto the next event.”

If viewers on YouTube scan the QR codes in the video they can see various easter eggs like a snippet of a new song and the live acoustic version of the track. 

The song is off the band’s album “Nowhere Generation” which was released last June. The album debuted at the top of multiple Billboard charts with its first week’s sales. This innovative music video will have fans and new listeners visiting the nearly year-old album.

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