Producer, Alissia, Is Making Her Mark In The Music Industry.

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Well-known in the music industry for her skills on the bass guitar, Alissia is debuting a new track that reveals another talent. With “Get Away,” she steps out from behind the bass to showcase her production prowess, daring the industry to try and put her in a box.

To put it simply, Alissia is a “newcomer with some serious skills and impressive co-signs” (Billboard). This young woman had enough talent to have been called to produce, play bass, write and arrange on Bootsy Collins’ upcoming album World Wide Funk, also featuring the likes of Kali Uchis, Bernie Worrell, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E Fresh and Musiq Soulchild. “Working with Bootsy has been an incredible journey and definitely a challenge to push myself harder everyday. Definitely one of the most inspiring projects I have worked on. ‘You got to keep it funky at all times Baba!’”

Also know as “Baby-Z”, a name given to her by “Bootzilla” himself, Alissia has been even more in demand for her unique sound. Recently, she has collaborated with artists such as Khalid, Havoc (Mobb Deep), Anderson Paak and Q-Tip.


“I love working with Q-Tip. Whenever he calls me to come out to the studio, I always know whatever will come out of it will be a banger!” That is exactly what Alissia makes when she’s at her New York-based studio, dubbed “The Spaceship”. “I wanted to create a studio that has the feel and aesthetic of a spaceship. When I’m collaborating with artists, we always go to an unknown destination; it needs to feel good and inspiring to everybody. And of course, you know THE SPACESHIP HAS LANDED!” she laughs, alluding to the legendary Parliament Funkadelic.

Alissia someone artists old and new call upon to breathe fresh air into their music. A true collaborative soul, she explains, “People tend to forget this, but music is NOT a competition. Everybody has a unique sound, everybody has something different to say, we can’t compare it. We should always be about sharing what is good and empowering other artists, musicians, producers, or writers. You should never see anybody as a competition because nobody will ever do it like YOU do. “

So how did Alissia end up in New York working with all these artists? How did she come to amass a large and devoted social media following/fan base? How did the music knowledge of a 60 year old get trapped in a body of a young woman? “ It’s been a journey! At first I started on bass, and after playing for different artists for a long time, I started doing my own project. It was a 14 piece funk band and that was a lot of fun. A lot of industry people and labels were trying to have me be in the forefront and be the typical pop-tart artist. But this is not me. I like being in the background, it’s not about me, it’s about the music.”


“I am also a big old school music nerd. I barely listened to music that was made past 1985 for about 5 years,” she laughs. “Digging into records and djing is my passion,” explaining her knowledge in the field and her tendency towards stereotypically “older,” more “mature” sounds.

With a fresh track marking a new chapter in her life, Alissia is stepping out from behind the bass to reveal another talent, a dope producer is now on the radar of the industry’s finest. Her latest track “Get Away” carries listeners from hip hop to disco to funk and beyond. The mood is chill and the groove is locked. Expect more from Alissia this year; whether solo, collaborating with the greats, or teaming up with new talent, she consistently proves that whatever music she creates just feels right.


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Producer, Alissia, Is Making Her Mark In The Music Industry.