Pandora Presents The Killers: a New Era of Live Music

 kilradio shoPandora continued their virtual concert series with a performance from GRAMMY-nominated band The Killers last night, paving the way for a new era of live performance. The band performed a short set, around 40 minutes, comprising of old hits and tracks from their new album, Imploding the Mirage, released late this summer.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other facets of life, Pandora transitioned their popular concert series to a virtual platform, their first performance kicking off last month with Kane Brown as the radio site attempts to bring live music back in a safe way. The series will allow fans exclusive opportunities to win merchandise, attend meet and greets, and gain access to Q&As. 


The concert featured a live-streamed show with exceptional video and sound production that is characteristic of Pandora’s shows but also incorporated pre-show trivia, interviews with the band, live commentary about the show and the music, and a chat feature that allowed listeners to interact with each other. As the band took the stage, the chat exploded with enthusiastic fans celebrating the opportunity to see the band again. So much of the experience of concert-going is the experience of being with other people and the shared joy of seeing a favorite artist in person. While social distancing makes some of those things impossible, Pandora Live concert series can bring some of those aspects of live music back to us. Instead of hearing the crowd roar, it’s seeing the live chat scroll by too quickly to read anything. It’s seeing countless people typing “woohoo!” or a sea of clapping emojis. The Pandora show provided insight into what might look like the new normal for a while for avid concert-goers and how live music must adapt to fit this virtual world. 


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Pandora Presents The Killers: a New Era of Live Music