Meet sibling-fronted band 212 Green

212 Green first took the public stage back in 2013 when they performed a cover of Adele’s Rumor Has It for America’s Got Talent. A nervous-looking group of teenagers, the band quickly captured the attention of judges and audiences alike through their enthusiastic on-stage presence. As they began their performance, it became quickly apparent that they have a very natural ability to be in front of a crowd: the two vocalists, Kyra and Tori Green, work wonderfully together, their voices complementing each other while individually being strong enough to blend with one another.


Composed of three siblings, 212Green undoubtedly takes influence from their New York City upbringing and the influence that music has on their early life: they each took voice, piano, guitar, and dance lessons from a very early age. Even their name 212 Green represents who they are: 212, the original area code of New York City, and Green, their family name. The group says on their website that they are “of two upbringings”: an early childhood in the East Village and everything else in West Harlem. This duality is present in their music as well.


Since being on America’s Got Talent, the band has released their own music on Spotify and Sound Cloud. Their music is poppy and upbeat, but with a clear influence of hip hop and trap. Their music sounds a lot like them: fun but with a little bit of edge. Aside from their music, Kyra and Tori have taken on the status of internet celebrities, with Tori being featured on World Star’s relationship advice segment, and Kyra being an original cast member on the first season of Love Island US.


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Meet sibling-fronted band 212 Green