New Artist Spotlight: Arlo Parks

New Artist Spotlight: Arlo Parks

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If you haven’t heard Arlo Park’s music yet, you definitely will be very soon. The 20-year-old singer and poet from London is speaking to the youth of today through carefully written lyrics and a chill, laid back vibe that makes her music particularly intriguing to listen to.

Though she has only been releasing music since November of 2018, Parks has certainly made a name for herself in the indie singer-songwriter world. Her first single, Cola, is rich with strong bass-lines, an almost ethereal-sounding vocal line, and lyrics that sound more like poetry than lyrics, Parks is an artist that seems to understand exactly what their sound is and exactly what they want to grow into. 

After the release of her first single, Parks was signed to Transgressive Records (known for signing artists like FLUME, Two Door Cinema Club, and Hippo Campus). She then released her first EP: Super Sad Generation, which helped cement her as a voice for Gen Z teenagers. With lyrics like “Prom queens brushing blood out their teeth / It’s clean /Don’t call me grieving for what we used to be”, Parks has positioned herself among other young artists that speak to the anxiety and sadness that comes with being a teenager in this day and age. Her music and production are similar to artists like King Krule and Earl Sweatshirt, with well written, interesting beats, but paired with lyrics that are deeply touching. She has a unique ability to write lyrics that feel familiar, emotional, and intimate, as if she is speaking directly to you and only to you. “Let’s go to the corner store and buy some fruit / I would do anything to get you out your room,” she sighs on Black Dog. Despite being so new to the music world, Arlo Parks has set herself apart by her ability to connect with each listener, draw them into her mind, and share the emotions she feels so deeply. 


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