Electronic Artist Natiive Announces New Single

Electronic Artist Natiive Announces New Single

Electronic music producer and artist Natiive’s newest single “Need You Now” releases May 12th and he’s returning to the scene bigger and better than ever. He is known for his electronic melodies and also his instrumental incorporations in his tracks. Natiive returns to music with an album and a powerfully moving single. From the intricacies in the melodies included in the track to the energetic rhythms woven into his lyricism, “Need You Now” welcomes a new era for the artist. 

The Unforgettable Natiive

The Los Angeles based musician developed a passion for music at an early age. Described as a singer, song-writer, and producer, Natiive’s skills hold no limit. He initially launched his solo project in 2018. His first single was titled “On Your Side.” Some of his other work consists of songs such as “Memories” and “Trust Me.” Since then he has seen growth in himself as an artist and as a lover of music. Much of his older works consist of a mixture of pop, house, the occasional hip-hop. Natiive has grown incorporating different sounds and beats into his music. While he’s tried different genres throughout, his musical style has flourished into what his new album is ready to showcase.

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“Need You Now” and The Upcoming Album

Natiive’s newest single “Need You Now” comes as a blend of intricate instrumentals and infectious melodies. The track draws inspiration from piano ballads, detailed drumming, and precise bass inclusion. From its hypnotic synth to its moving emotional meanings, “Need You Now” also serves as a much needed summer song. The music carries a depth that can almost be attributed to the complexity in lyricism. While it comes titled as an electronic song, it is a passionate debut mixing different genres beautifully into a single track. It’s highly energetic beats only illustrate how vocally introspective his upcoming EP is about to be. “Need You Now” releases May 12 and his debut EP comes out July 2023.

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