Kesmar Releases “ALWAYS CHASING RAINBOWS” An Exploration of Classic Rock

Kesmar Releases “ALWAYS CHASING RAINBOWS” An Exploration of Classic Rock

The Australian singer and songwriter Kesmar releases their new 8 track album on May 12, 2023. The project will include yacht-rock inspired by the soft rock sounds of the 1970s. In fact, Kesmar uses keyboards and guitars on every song to achieve his lush and mellow soundscapes.

The album has a few collaborations, with one of the standouts being a feature from Flore Beneguigui. A French disco pop artist from the bad L’Imperatrice.

Together they collaborated on the title track Always Chasing Rainbows, which sets the tone for the album. Flore Beneguigui provides vocals that elevate the track to new heights, and kicking off the nostalgic romp with a bang.

Kesmar’s Exploration of Sound

Similarly, Kesmar feels that the album title itself draws from a strong sense of commitment that drives his pursuits in music. Saying “It’s about that feeling of being constantly dissatisfied, in a good way. Artists are always chasing something else, and for me it’s that song that captures a feeling that I hope to have forever.”

Uniquely, Kesmar takes inspiration from reading interviews of how classic rock albums were recorded. Having a wide range of inspiration including: Steely Dan, the Beach Boys, and Jeff Lyne. He says that he wanted something, “Very real and raw…in an era where music can sound so perfect…I wanted something as imperfect as I could make it.”

Additionally, by releasing Always Chasing Rainbows Kesmar is taking the next bold step in his career, and hopes that this cements his path to evolve and develop as an artist. Saying “I’m such a sponge when I find something I love…I learn everything about it.”

All in all, Always Chasing Rainbows looks to be a successful exploration for the artist. The album will be releasing in its entirety on May 12, 2023. Although, some singles are available for listening on Spotify now.

In Recent months Kesmar has been touring with Yamhaus, which just concluded in the end of April. Despite not hosting fully solo concerts the artist has also notably toured with DAYGLOW, Panama, and Miami Horror. With this in mind new and old fans alike can hope to see a tour announced for this new project in the coming months.

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